This is the outfit Lady Cora wore to go out with the oily art collector, Simon Bricker, and I love it. Loving it is one thing but wearing muted, dusky colours of any shade let alone ochre, is completely another. I’ve never actually had my colours done but I’m sure I’m a Winter and I look best in cool, icy, blue-toned

Dusky blue and ochre are colours I’ve always liked together and although I’ve never  had my colours done experience tells me that I suit cool colours not warm. I do have a long grey-blue linen dress from Shukr though which came in handy when I discovered (as you do) I’d purchased this gorgeous pure silk vintage kimono jacket. I tried it without the white scarf but the orangey tones the ochre threw on my face were not becoming so I decided the white silk would substitute for the ivory tatting on the original. Worn with silver sakura blossom earrings, dark blue faux suede gloves, dark blue mary-janes, and a kimono silk bag. I was very tempted towards a hat and there may be one in the future but for now I didn’t have anything that didn’t make it look too contrived. At my age you have to worry about the Mother of the Bride look. If you remember your Downton this is the outfit Lady Cora wore for her visit to the art gallery with the oily Simon Bricker so I wore it to look at some paintings in the Castel Vecchio. 

Dress from Shukr, vintage kimono jacket from Yumeyakko, earrings from Ceeb Wasserman, shoes from DB, gloves (old), bag (old).


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